Who We Are


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The Company

Bazaar Strategies is a consulting firm dedicated to helping clients unleash technology to capture, shape, and define new markets. Since 2004, Bazaar Strategies has launched two mobile ventures, defined product and services in emerging markets for banks and telecom leaders, and defined future facing strategies for corporations, foundations, and international financial institutions. 

Scott Stefanski created the practice to explore and apply the following concepts:

  •  Innovation by working within newly forming and early stage markets. Bazaar takes its name from the genesis of markets. 
  •  Applying information technologies towards complex societal needs, enabling clients to fill unique customer needs.
  •  Assembling and synthesizing multidisciplinary viewpoints to inspire innovative and sometimes unanticipated (bizarre) solutions. 
  •  Exploring a problem and opportunity through unconventional approaches. 

The People

Scott Stefanski is the founder and principal at Bazaar Strategies. His background marries twenty years business experience working in emerging markets and information and communication technologies. Through Bazaar Strategies, Stefanski sought to create a practice that would work collaboratively and horizontally - drawing off networks of expertise in diverse areas, including:

  • Technical engineers
  • User experience designers and information architects
  • Anthropologists and ethnographers
  • Policy strategists
  • Economists and behaviorists
  • Practitioners in finance, healthcare, community & economic development

 Through these networks, Bazaar Strategies assembles lean teams to help clients understand and anticipate the needs of new markets, and design and test new business models, products, and services. 

To learn more, contact Scott Stefanski.