What we do (update 8-27)

What we do


Bazaar Strategies identifies where and how trends converge in a future state, developing strategies and capabilities to grow into these markets. Through extensive market analysis, primary and secondary research, and thought leadership at the nexus of social networks, information technology, financial services, and global markets, Bazaar Strategies helps institutions and firms design strategies for medium and long term growth. Engagements have ranged from board-level consults, international conference presentations, and longer term engagements to delve deeply into specific trends and challenges

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Bazaar Strategies designs and tests new products, services, and business models to help companies and institutions enter and capture new markets.  Bazaar Strategies is also a platform for modeling, testing, and incubating new ventures. To this end, Bazaars Strategies leverages a command of information technology platforms and extensive experience in emerging markets.


Bazaar Strategies is often called upon to help firms and institutions assess new opportunities. This includes market scoping activities, as well as assessment of acquisitions, new technologies, and market readiness for new products/services